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IT solution

Information technology (IT) is that the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data or information.


Technical support

Technical support representatives answer incoming phone calls and troubleshoot customer tech problems with computer software and hardware.

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Hardware solution

Hardware solutions have hardware, OS , and VPN software optimized to figure together for max efficiency.

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Network solutions

Networks provide speed, connectivity, and ultimately value to their members and supply solutions to business challenges and problems that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

AAA Cloud Solutions, a well known name within the field of telecom solutions, has definitely made a distinct segment for itself within the field. A well-placed proof of this fact would be impressive growth of the company’s sales chart! within the ever changing and ever growing tele-communications industry, AAA Cloud Solutions is one solid name.

AAA Cloud Solutions works with a mission to simplify VoIP technology for the top users. this is often the rationale why our list of consumers is increasing day by day. Our products help your business grow within the IP & VoIP sector. After all, they're an outstanding merger of latest technology and lots of years of rich golden experience. So, choose Cloud Infotech and obtain the simplest of Telecom World at your doorsteps.

AAA Cloud Solutions works with a mission to strive endlessly to be the high-performing telephony solution provider.AAA Cloud Solutions holds the reputation of providing world-class IP, VoIP systems, IT services, CRM solution and CTI solution to our wide selection of clients.

Quality can never be compromised upon at AAA Cloud Solutions. We leave no stone upturned to give 100 percent quality to our customers. Price: Lower than your lowest bidder Quality: Free/Paid Demo,99 Live Reference Centers / Online Webinar / Presentation Others: Money Refund Policy , Reseller Discounts / Reference Incentives

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Predictive dialer

A predictive dialer automatically calls numbers until it detects a connection, then passes the call to a live agent.

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Software solution

Development of custom software is a process of designing software applications that meet the specific needs of an individual or a company.


CRM solution

Customer relationship management is the process of managing interactions with existing as well as past and potential customers.

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CTI solution

Computer telephony integration (CTI) technology is a software product that connects phone systems and computers, specifically with a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

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Cloud telephony

Cloud telephony is a phone system that runs through your internet connection. It's also known as a VoIP-based hosted PBX solution.



Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line.

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PRI card

Sangoma 8 Port T1/E1/J1 PCIe Card With Echo Cancellation

sangoma 1 port

Sangoma 1 Port T1/E1/J1 PCIe Card With Echo Cancellation

 Digium PRI card

Digium 2 Port PRI Card TE220F Without Echo Cancellation


DAG1000-4S 4 Port FXS Gateway

Dialer services

6 to 9 Agent Seats Call Center Dialer Server PC

IP phone

Yealink T21 2-SIP IP Phone POE

Allo 8 port PRI card

Allo 8 Port PRI Card With Echo Cancellation

PRI without echo

Allo 4 Port PRI Card Without Echo Cancellation

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IP phone



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